MONSTER | basil + lime candle
MONSTER | basil + lime candle
MONSTER | basil + lime candle

MONSTER | basil + lime candle

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Littlest Monster Candle

Do you love Monsters? I DO!

I love Monsters. I love them in dreams and nightmares alike. 

This candle is for every monster you have ever met, ever known or ever loved. 

This candle is dedicated to the Vampire or what we would, in modern terms, call a narcissist. 

The aromatherapy of holy basil and purifying lime come together for purgation and purification of atmospheric negative energies and promote auric cleansings. If you’re energetically sensitive you know what I’m talking about when I say you can feel it when you’re around negative energies or looping negative thought cycles. This is a lighthearted and playful way to dance with the shadow darklight portions of life and laugh a little more at every joker’s tricks and follies in the matrix of life. It is for all the goblins and ghouls and creatures of the night that have given us a fright. Burn this candle to release any haunting memories and get playfully imaginative with delight! 

Fragrance Profile:

Sweet basil combines with citrus lime to offer a fresh, clean and invigorating sensation.

Burn time:

4oz = 20+ hours

9oz = 40+ hours

Hand made in micro batches using clean coconut wax blend and premium natural fragrance oils. These littlests receive a heart chakra sound bath to raise the vibration / frequency / energy around us to support deeping our heart connection and speaking our truth.