DREAMS | white mountain + vanilla candle
DREAMS | white mountain + vanilla candle

DREAMS | white mountain + vanilla candle

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Littlest Dreams Candle

Littlest dreams is a tribute to the high value of our dreams. Whether it is a dream you recall in the morning or the visions you have to design your own reality... this is an inspiration candle to listen, deepen into intuitive guidance and relax. Light this candle, feel good and daydream about what next steps you will take in the narrative of your life! Blow it out before bed and have sweet dreams! 

Fragrance Profile:

Grapefruit zest and crisp green foliage add a sparkling accent to this nature inspired blend of eucalyptus and fir. Lush herbal tones texturize the scent as it fades to reveal the base of sugared vanilla, velvet moss and crushed berries.


T: Crisp green, grapefruit peel, eucalyptus
M: Fir balsam, herbs
B: Sugared vanilla, berry, moss


Burn Time:

4oz = 20+ hours

8oz = 40+ hours

Hand made in micro batches using natural non-toxic clean coconut wax, cotton wick and premium custom blended natural fragrance oils to bring you the best atmospheric experience like no other! Made in micro batches these candles receive a heart chakra sound bath while drying to raise the vibration. Esoteric arts for the heart!