BLACK SHEEP | Wild Forest candle
BLACK SHEEP | Wild Forest candle

BLACK SHEEP | Wild Forest candle

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Littlest Black Sheep Candle

Go your own way! Head for the wilderness within!

Are you of your own mind, heart and shining spirit?

This candle was made to honor all the little black sheep in our beautifully diverse world who shine and share their unique light having the courage to be their authentic selves! Be and Do you! Be yourself no matter what and spark your light to shine bright! 

Head for the wilderness! The one within! Dance and play freely! 

Fragrance Profile:

This candle is made with the strong comforting smell of the deep, dense,intensely earthy forest with balsam and pine trees. The earth nourishes, the roots anchor deep into the ground and trees reach for the sky and longtime sunshine! The wild is home. 

Burn time:

4oz = 20+ hours

9oz = 40+ hours

Hand made in micro batches using clean coconut wax blend and premium natural fragrance oils. These littlests receive a heart chakra sound bath to raise the vibration / frequency / energy around us to support deeping our heart connection and speaking our truth.