PRYR | Clove and Sacred Herbs candle
PRYR | Clove and Sacred Herbs candle

PRYR | Clove and Sacred Herbs candle

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Littlest Intuitions is made with tobacco and clove to enhance a sense of auric protections from the noise of the world so one may tune in more finely with the intuitive guidance from within. The whisper of one's divinity and loving body are there to guide us towards our authentic selves for greater joy, pleasure and grounded sense of purpose!

Unplug and spark a primal flame celebrating we are alive and an integral part of a larger symphony of life. Embrace the wilderness within where truth and inspiration of who you really are awaits! Protect your precious vital energies with auric protections of clove and tobacco aromatic fragrances letting the spice clear the energies around you so you may feel more deeply and peacefully. 

*please note that these are fragrance oil candles and not to be ingested into the body.

burn time: 20+ hours


fragrance profile:

T: Fresh Orange Citrus

M: Spice Clove, Sacred Herbs

B: Spicy Sweet Powdery