ENCHANTMENT | lavender rose candle
ENCHANTMENT | lavender rose candle

ENCHANTMENT | lavender rose candle

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Littlest Enchantment Candle

Littlest Enchantment will charm you with its intimate delicate rose and caressing touch of lavender. It will sweep you off your feet and make your heart flutter with a mesmerized sigh of pure delight! This floral coupling will augment your romantic side and bring the magical atmosphere of love into your auric atmosphere! 

Fragrance Profile:

A blend of French lavender and warm woods result in a lovely and balanced fragrance starting with a clean and fresh top herbal body resting on a woody, spicy bottom. White Rose has a very clean and vibrant rosy heart that sparkles like a polished diamond, with the fresh dew and honeyed-fruit quality of pristine white rose petals. Notes of apple, green leaves and geranium complement this beautiful floral.


T: Clove

M: Lavender, Thym 

B: Cedar wood, Vanilla


T: Green Leaves

M: White Rose, Apple

B: Geranium, Musk

Burn Time:

4oz = 20+ hours
8oz = 40+ hours

Hand made in micro batches using clean coconut wax blend and premium fragrance oils. These littlests receive a heart chakra sound bath to raise the vibration / frequency / energy around us to support deeping our heart connection and speaking our truth.