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420 | candle

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Littlest 420 Candle

This is a candle for all 42O friendly connoisseurs out there who love the lifestyle, culture and medicinal / recreational plant! The luscious earthy tones remind us how healing nature and plant medicine can be individually and bring us together collectively. I promise you this is a custom blended fragrance like no other that will delight your senses! 


Fragrance Profile:

Cannabis base with natural earthy balsam undertones and nuance highlight top notes of bergamot and orange zest with a middle body accepted with warm amber and vanilla. A true treat! 

Burn Time:

4 oz = burns 20+ hours

9 oz = burns 40+ hours

Hand made in micro batches using natural non-toxic clean coconut wax, cotton wick and premium custom blended natural fragrance oils to bring you the best atmospheric experience like no other!

*Please note: This is a candle made with fragrance oils and is not intended to be ingested into the body.