11:11 synchronicity candle
11:11 synchronicity candle

11:11 synchronicity candle

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Littlest 11:11 Synchronicity Candle

11:11 is an affirmation candle for synchronicity reading the signs and symbols in the living library all around us! If you'd like to drop more deeply within, call in more messaging, more downloads and more signs to confirm your intuitions lighting the way on your path this is a great way to spark light and shine brightly! 

Fragrance Profile 9oz:

Synchronicity is made with a strong vanilla amber spice base and floral accents of intoxicating jasmine, sensual rose and muguet that come together offering a warm, compelling and seductive embrace. 

Fragrance Profile 4oz:

Clove and herbs

Burn Time:

9oz = 40+ burn time made with clean coconut wax blend and premium custom blended fragrance oils.

Hand made in micro batches and receives a heart chakra sound bath while drying to infuse a higher vibration/ frequency / energy inspired and influenced by the work of Dr. Emoto.