Body Balm : Grounding
Body Balm : Grounding

Body Balm : Grounding

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This body balm is made using organic Traditional Chinese Medicine essential oils of Rosewood (Jiang Xiang).

It is useful for deeper level imbalances and has stronger grounding qualities.

The smooth, sweet, woody, herbaceous and pungent, aroma of Jiang Xiang essential oil opens the breathing passages, tingles in the eyes and forehead and gives one the feeling of being refreshed and soothed at the same time. The fragrant wood of Dalbergiae odiferae, native only to HaiNan Island, China's southernmost and only tropical island, is highly prized and in limited supply. It is known in Chinese carpentry as "yellow flower pear" (Huang Hua Li) and was once a favored wood for most of the finest Ming-period furniture. Our Jiang Xiang oil is CO2 extracted in Southern China.

Its Chinese name, meaning “descending fragrance,” describes its action to relax and lead the Qi and blood downward when there is excess above, as in the case of coughing, vomiting, high blood pressure, etc. This also applies to mental, emotional or neurological disorders such as anxiety, OCD, ADD, mania. For example, in the case of a panic attack,  practitioners may consider rubbing Jiang Xiang essential oil onto the chest. Diffused as aroma therapy it is deeply calming and grounding.